Essential Oils


The science behind aromatherapy is the use of plant essences for healing. Classic aromatherapy is centred around the powers of naturally pure essential oils extracted from high quality plants.

Essential oils can also be called plant essence or perfumes. All are natural, aromatic components of roots, blossoms, seeds, resin, peels, rinds, leaves or needles. Through the careful processes of distillation or cold pressing, natural oils from the high quality plants are obtained. The fragrance is a pure reflection of the vitality and soul within the plant.


These oils preserve the plant from both sickness and bacteria and promotes the reproductive process of that plant. A single plant contains seventy to one hundred individual constituents that can be obtained. Each plant is unique with their constituents and nature has a specific offering in every oil. This results in a wide spectrum of potential for aromatherapy. Once it is understood what beneficial qualities are in these oils and how it triggers the body, wellbeing is increased, energetic balance is regulated and general health is improved.

The knowledge and the purpose of essential oils was an essential part of life for our ancestors before us. For example, both the Egyptians and Romans treasured these oils as gifts from the earth and used them for healing and ritual purposes for naturopathy, therapeutic massage and hygiene.