ÂMEFlore Essential Oils & Pregnancy

Essential Oils & Pregnancy


Being pregnant and giving birth are two of the most exciting phases of a woman’s life. During these phases though a woman may experience changes in their hormones and see their body take on new forms. Typically a women has forty weeks to prepare for childbirth, and during this time it is essential to take conscious actions and pay close careful attention to the lifestyle they are pursuing. How one feels (physically, mentally and emotionally) determines the overall wellbeing of their body.

Aromatherapy has effectively established itself in professional nursing and is proven effective in midwifery, birth facilities and hospitals. ÂMEFlore® essential oils offer gentle support for many discomforts that a women may experience during pregnancy, birth and postpartum (puerperal). The mild and natural makeup of our essences and oils combines safety with efficacy and can become a great comfort to women during this special phase of life.

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The oils from a scientific perspective


Emotional Unrest:
Ylang Ylang and lavender have especially calming benefits. Diffusion of lemon, grapefruit or orange is also invigorating.

Stretch Marks:
At the first sign of these marks, use frankincense or lavender with a carrier oil several times a day.

Nausea/Morning Sickness (in the first trimester):
Inhale or diffuse peppermint or grapefruit.

Sleep Problems:
Diffuse with lavender or ylang ylang or use a few drops on your pillow. A relaxing bath before bed is another solution.

Dab a bit of peppermint on the neck or temples. A damp cloth with a drop of peppermint can also be placed on the forehead.

Inhaling a bit of peppermint or having a glass of water with an added drop of lemon or grapefruit can be obtained a fresh wake-up kick.

Gently massage a dab of lemon, grapefruit and/or lavender to corresponding locations. Drinking a glass of water with a drop of lemon can also help.

Popular Oils in Pregnancy