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Welcome to our pure essential oil website Ameflore.ca

Our essential oils are of the highest quality without additives, chemical residues or pesticides.  Our pure essential oils are sourced from all over the world and are produced with the environment in mind.  Our packaging is environmentally friendly without, bleach or PVC products on our labels or packaging.

Pure essential oils were meant to be purely natural essential oil.  See what nature has to offer…enjoy.

Pure essential oils

I cooked fish tonight, and my kitchen stink like garbage Then I put your lemon oil into my diffuser, and now kitchen, whole house is unbelievably fresh.Your oils are really different than others, they have more fresh, and vibrant smell. I loved it.
Tim Belkor

Pregnancy Essential Oil

Pregnancy use

Essential oils are an ideal, natural way to create a relaxing, delightful environment for expecting mothers. The first step to a pleasant, positive environment for this special stage in life is the use of our pure essential oils to create an effective, positive energy that will ensure a happy pregnancy.

Essential Oil possible applications

Possible applications

Interested in how essential oils can brighten your day and well-being? See how.

Overview of essential oils

See what Ameflore pure essential oils have to contribute to you and your household.

ÂMEFlore® ultrasonic diffusers

Ameflore pure essential oils pair perfectly with Ameflore’s ultrasonic diffusers. The diffusers high quality is able to maximize the aromatic effect that the pure oils have to offer, creating a uniform, pleasant scent throughout a room or area.

How to use our Diffuser

We only use the highest quality plants and flowers in our oils. Ameflore essential oils are bottled in Germany under strict German and Swiss Quality standards.

Âmeflore will add an unique aroma touch to any room or indoor environemnt.

  • pure natural oil 100%
  • high quality plant material 100%
  • active, natural ingredients 100%
  • sustainable cultivation 100%
  • free of chemical residues 100%
  • quality management 100%